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30 May
31 May

Communication plays an essential function in any organisation - internally and externally as brand message - yet the full power is unrealised. 



The 10 Commandments of Communication Strategy programme aims to equip you with an understanding of the strategic power function. The programme is designed to provide a practical and elegant framework that is strategy driven. It also showcases social media as a key tool for stakeholder engagement.


Who is it for?

Communication managers, middle-level managers and entrepreneurs.


Duration and structure

This programme is delivered over 2 days, and is designed around the following themes:

  • Corporate communication as a strategic and holistic systems-function
  • Communication founded on one anchor message, crafted to be simple, elegant and true to the brand
  • Stakeholder focused; mapping of stakeholders, understanding their relationship to your brand and the best way to get the desired response
  • Strengthening the integrity of your brand, building trust and understanding
  • The 6 capitals model of sustainable development as a strategic framework encouraging systems thinking instead of a linear, silo approach



30-31 May



R9 950 including VAT


The Ten Commandments of Communication Strategy - info pack