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11 Sep
15 Sep

Manager's Launch Pad (MLP) – Join one of Henley’s management courses. 

The shift from managing oneself to managing others requires a new value system and this management course will help you bridge the gap. It is often said that managing assumes a higher value than doing self-managed work. People often trip up here. The biggest problem is that new managers keep doing what they were doing before but at a more frantic level. This causes the people who report to them, and who are looking for leadership, to become disillusioned with management. A common pitfall is that line managers often end updoing line work which is counterproductive and thwarts the necessary transition that new managers need to make.

A leader’s job is to help others do their work well. New managers need to learn the value of making others productive so that they can be better at managing and leading. The Henley New Managers programme aims to give managers a solid foundation from which to launch their business management careers and to become more effective in their roles.

What to expect from one of the best management courses in South Africa

Management courses do not only offer you growth regarding the journey to managing a company, it gives you room for:

  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Systems thinking, problem solving and planning
  • Innovation and design-thinking
  • Working with people, including listening, coaching, mentoring

Management course audience 

Aspiring managers or recently appointed junior managers or those about to move into a new manager role will benefit greatly from the programme. Existing supervisors, team leaders and junior managers will also derive benefit.

An intense 5-day experience, the business management programme runs from Monday to Friday. A follow-up morning review and reflect session is conducted 3 months later to give you the opportunity to provide feedback on your application of learnings and to receive additional inputs from the lecturer and other classmates.

Day 1:  Foundations of management and learning

Day 2:  Systems thinking and understanding the business

Day 3:  Psychological literacy, group dynamics and high performing teams

Day 4: Coaching teams to solve their own problems using design thinking

Day 5:  Management simulation (integrative)

Half-day Follow-up session (3-months later)

The MLP business management course will be presented on the 11-15 September 2017 and fees will be R20,600 (excluding VAT).

For further information please contact Pranisha Behary - Executive Education or email us at


MLP Brochure