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05 Jun
22 Nov

About MAP

At the heart of successful organisations lie skilled, trained, effective,  superior managers – managers whose  intelligence, business acumen, continual learning and application to their work build better careers, better businesses and, ultimately, establish the foundations for a strong economy and the nation’s progress.  This foundational and hugely supportive programme will build confidence and skills.


Often people are fairly experienced but feel they lack some of the building blocks of business or management knowledge to go further. MAP provides these foundations with focus on Care, Creativity and a Community of practice for managers. It is a carefully designed, practical programme which helps managers to raise their game by structuring their thinking and learning new business disciplines.  

MAP provides a practical knowledge and progressive learning design. Experienced teachers and facilitators  are committed to the development of managers and provide a dedicated support structure. 

Who is MAP for?

MAP is for motivated individuals with some experience in managing people, projects or processes. You can be from the private, public or NGO sectors. Entrepreneurs and public sector employees are also encouraged to attend.


  • Foundations of management and learning

  • Systems thinking

  • Mastering value / finance

  • Mastering operations

  • Innovation and marketing


Duration & Structure

MAP is 16 days split over 5 contact blocks.

You will practise your learning immediately within your organisation, applying it and reflecting on your growth. In addition you will be given a manageable team project, which requires you to do real good for real people in real time, typically working with an NGO. We will teach you action learning methods – a powerful way to learn while doing. Apart from the social contribution and societal insight this project brings, it allows you to practise and develop your new knowledge and skills.


Block 1: 12-15 June

Block 2: 20-21 July

Block 3: 14-16 August

Block 4: 27-29 September

Block 5: 24-26 October

Final Presentations: 22 November



R46 500 excl. VAT


For further information please contact:
Pranisha Behary - Executive Education
Tel: +27 11 808 0868