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Raising Young Talent for the New World of Work

2017-05-10 11:27

10 May 2017 11:27:50

The Raising Young Talent for the New World of Work event on 4 April was an amazing evening of eye-opening insights about the changing world of work and how it will impact on the kinds of jobs our children will do one day.

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“Disrupting Thyself” at Breakfast – an Odgers Berndtson and Henley Initiative

2017-04-24 10:48

04 May 2017 09:17:36

On 31 March, Henley Business School was proud to partner with Odgers Berndtson Sub-Sahara Africa – a successful global executive search entity – to host HR directors and talent managers from various organisations, and to introduce them to the value that meaningful, playful introspection and interaction can have on disrupting organisations through creative innovation.

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Future Depends on Transformation of Public and Private Sectors

2017-05-03 13:20

03 May 2017 13:20:43

For all South Africans to prosper, we need an enabling environment where the public and private sectors work together for greater good. Like many developing countries, South Africa’s challenges are many, with the government seeking to reduce poverty and high unemployment rates and provide quality education and good services to its people.

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HBR #AskAnExpert: What is executive presence?

2017-05-05 09:45

Gareth Armstrong sits with Lynn Baker, a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, a Professional Speaker and successful Businesswoman, and interrogates the need for public speaking training as well as the development of what Lynn calls "Executive Presence". Questions asked include: What one attribute do top leaders the world over share? What is the ultimate test of our public speaking ability? What is charisma and how does one develop it? and more.

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HBR #WhatsTrending: Raising young talent for the future world of work

2017-05-05 08:27

Dean of Henley Business School, Jon Foster-Pedley, enjoys a fascinating discussion around the future of talent, talent development, and talent retention with three studio guest experts: Sameer Rawjee, Former Googler, and Founder / MD of O School; Talent Whisperer and Creative Parenting Expert, Nikki Bush; Raymond De Villiers, Futurist and Digital Natives Expert.

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Balancing Raising Children & Studying, Expresso SABC 3

2017-04-12 13:38

Interview with Jon Foster- Pedley Dean of Henley Business School speaking about balancing raising children and studying.

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Flying Lessons for Leaders - March 2014

2015-04-09 02:13

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Flying Lessons for Leaders Part 2 - April 2014

2015-04-09 02:12

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Simulator Training Will Make Leaders Fly - May 2014

2015-04-09 02:11

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